National Museum in Leskovac

Hall at the entrance to the Museum
At the very entrance to the museum, there is an accessible ramp and a newly decorated hall. It is an activity that envisages the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the entrance and ground floor of the museum and the creation of conditions for a tourist presentation of the cultural heritage of the town of Leskovac. Equipped with an organized information center, a space for relaxation and exhibits, the hall on the ground floor of the museum has acquired a new, more modern look.

Access ramp for people with disabilities
We are a museum for everyone and we try to adapt our content to all our visitors. The project "Heterotopia" of the National Museum in Leskovac has provided many inclusive facilities, including the construction of a ramp for people with disabilities, which allows an innumerable attack on the entrance porch and the entrance to the building. With this project, a toilet for people with disabilities is also provided.

Located on the square in front of the National Museum in Leskovac, the lapidarium depicts an arc of history in our region. With the exhibited monuments, the lapidarium tells us about the Roman era, about the magnificent Justinian Prima, but also about the graceful Middle Ages. You can see what the wine press looked like, which gods were worshipped by the Romans, and how their walls were decorated by the inhabitants of the city, which was built by the last Roman emperor right here in Leskovac!

Mobile application “Muzejonica”
The National Museum in Leskovac gets richer with another mobile application. This time, it is an Android application intended primarily for young people, but also for everyone who feels that way. The application inspires a visit to the National Museum in Leskovac in an interesting and creative way. It is an interactive game in which users are indirectly introduced to objects from museums and the cultural heritage of the Leskovac area. The application with the appropriate name "Muzejonica" invites users to put together a puzzle, combine two identical objects in as many as three levels and train a doll. Muzejonica is a free mobile application and can be downloaded through the Google Play store. It is easy to use and does not require additional instructions as well as any background support for the Android system. Adapted for both children and young people with disabilities. You can download the application by scanning the QR code or by clicking on the link.

Virtual dressing
The "Heterotopia" project focuses on the promotion of sustainable development of cultural tourism.
As one of the results of the project, the interactive application of virtual dressing was created. The application was installed in the constant setting of the Leskovac National Museum. It allows visitors to "try on" different costumes from the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries by choosing and putting them on virtually. It offers 15 combinations of clothes from different periods. Virtual 3D Models of clothing and tracking movement is enabled using the Kinect motion.

Virtual reality application for virtually experience and touch a 3D object, with audio description. As part of the installation, visitors can use VR to travel through the centuries.