Activities in the city of Botevgrad, Bulgaria

Exhibition and Socialization of the Clock Tower in Botevgrad

 - Executed construction and installation works inside the tower;
 - Built bridge for access to the interior of the tower;
 - The clock tower is open to visitors as a space for culture and an alternative scene for events.

Exterior and technological equipment of a Promoting Center in Botevgrad
 - Technological equipment of a promotional center, which includes a tourist information center, a telepresence hall and a space for contemporary art;
 - Realized exterior construction and civil engineering works for improvement of the adjacent outdoor spaces, incl. installation of a vertical LED video screen for outdoor conditions, vertical landscaping; benches and bicycle parking;
 - Installed outdoor KIOSK.

Realization of an Open-Air Museum
 * Creation of 3 separate zones: permanent exposition, temporary exposition and a lecture hall under the sky for the realization of artistic events, incl.:
- realized exterior construction and improvement works;
- mounted display cases and information boards;
- installed 11 pedestals with built-in lighting presenting replicas of museum exhibits in a separate art zone;
- a separate play area for young explorers with facilities for kids;
- installed park and garden elements.


Activities of the National Museum of Leskovac, Leskovac, Serbia

Digitization of a permanent setting for the preservation of cultural heritage for generations
 * Created database with digital museum inventories;
 * Virtual presentation of the permanent exposition of the museum, using modern technologies - 3D scanning, virtual reality and equipment for promotion and sustainable use, including:
- Virtual dressing-up - an interactive application that is activated using the Kinekt motion tracking device, which allows visitors to "try on" different combinations of costumes from the late 19th and early 20th century .;
- mobile application "Muzejonica" with creative games that inspire a visit to the National Museum of Leskovac.

The setting up of an information center for visitors
 - Improved conditions for tourist presentation of the cultural heritage of the city, through the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the entrance and ground floor of the museum, with an emphasis on the improved access for people with disabilities;

Creation of lapidarium space
 - Created space for a lapidarium with about 15 exhibits on special pedestals, which show the life of the 8000-year history of this area.