Joint activities

Project “HETEROTOPIAS” – A Book and a tourist map
One of the joint activities of Botevgrad and the National Museum in Leskovac is a book and a tourist map about the tourist potential of the two cities. They present places from the cultural and historical heritage of Leskovac and Botevgrad, in order to promote the sustainable development of cultural and historical tourism in these two cities. They are designed so as to improve the quality of life in the cross-border area and to promote the process of getting to know, understanding and integrating communities into the common European cultural and information space.

The book "Heritage Botevgrad - Leskovac. Heterotopias
Map of Botevgrad and Leskovac
Presenting cultural and archeological sites, churches and monasteries, the book and the tourist map are products that reveal the identity, charm and diversity of the cultures of Leskovac and Botevgrad.