Zelina or Botevgrad Monastery "Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God" is located in the resort of Zelina near Botevgrad, about 2.5 km. southeast of the city. In the past, the monastery was also known as Orhanijski, after the old name Botevgrad. It existed in the period XII - XIV century, around which is the old village of Zelin. The monastery can be reached by asphalt road from the center of Botegrad in the southern direction by road to the area of Zelin. It is believed that the monastery of Zelina was founded in the XIV. century, but today's form was renewed in 1926. It is a complex of churches and small residential and farm buildings. It is currently a male monastery. The church was built in 1926 and consecrated the same year. It is a small, single-nave single-apse building with a narthex and a small bell tower. There are no frescoes in the temple, but there is a beautiful iconostasis. On a marble slab near the entrance to the church, it is written that the village of Zelin is located in this area, whose inhabitants moved 2 km at the end of the 17th century. north of there in the newly created village, which successively became Orhanie and the future Botevgrad. The temple holiday is September 8th.