It is located on a natural hill at the northeastern end of the village, in the yard of the church "St. Paraskeva ”Bozhenitsa village, Botevgrad municipality. Legends and legends say that there were "teachers" in the village of Boženica long before there was a "school". This is due to the fact that in the dark years after the 15th century, the Balkan village managed to recover and continue its existence. For many years, the school was housed in private houses, until 1834, when the existing church "St. Paraskeva ". The building of the monastery school was built next to the church very soon. The list of teachers in it until the liberation is long. Among them are the priest Stojan, grandfather Josif, later abbot of the Cherepish monastery, priest Gerasim, monk Jovan, priest Ivan and others. The teacher is from Boženica and neighboring villages, where 80 to 100 children study, and some of them come from the surrounding villages. mathematics.The discipline is sharp. The main help for the students is a wooden board called a panakida. A lesson is written on that. After learning, he ripped out a knife and wrote another. Built in 1834, the school has three rooms - a student's, a teacher's and a hall. By 1855, the first building had burned down and a new one had been built in its place. It was demolished in 1880 and replaced with what still exists today. The old monastery school in the village of Boženica has played an important role in the educational work of the region in the past. Its building is the oldest preserved to this day in the municipality of Botevgrad. She was in extremely serious condition for more than 20 years. In 2006, it was renovated and turned into a branch of the History Museum - Botevgrad.