Nankovo Monastery "Holy Virgin Mary" is located near the village of Lipnica, about a kilometer above one of the many neighborhoods Rzdavica. However, the approach to the monastery is at the end of the Goranovci neighborhood. At the beginning of the last century, the construction of the church and the preserved painting were described by Professor Petar Mutafcijev. In his notes, he describes the building as a single-nave, single-apse medieval church and assesses its condition well. Again, according to him, this church exists as part of a monastery from the period of the Second Bulgarian Empire of the XII - XIV century. After the destructive policy of the Ottoman Empire towards Christianity, the monastery ceased to exist. Only the stone foundations and preserved fragmentary fragments of the stone wall with rich frescoes remind of the existence of such a monastery. The roof collapsed in the middle of the XX. century. History tells us legends associated with the curse that hovered over the holy place. In 1966, it was declared a monument of local significance of the architectural and construction type. For many years, a meal was made at the place of the Holy Mother of God, a practice that was interrupted.