The church "Saints St. Cyril and Methodius" is located in the center of the village of Radotina, Botevgrad municipality, located on the left hill in a large churchyard. It was built and painted in 1896 by the master Alek Vasilev - a Macedonian.

It is a massive single-nave building, of the basilica type elongated in the east-west direction, with a gabled roof, two domes and an entrance from the west. One of the domes is the bell tower itself. The pages have large windows, a glass chandelier in the center descending from the arch and an emporium above the entrance. In the pre-altar area, there is a large iconostasis carved in wood with two rows of icons, the other of which has gospel scenes, and on the frame you can see valuable frescoes preserved to this day. On the facade from the west, on both sides of the door, the protectors of the church are shown.

It has been declared a cultural monument of artistic value of local significance.
There is a "Military Monument" on the square of the village of Radotina in front of the church.