Church "St. Dimitar ”is located in the cemetery park of the village, a few tens of meters from the geographical center of Lipnica. From its construction in 1864 until today, it is a cemetery church. Consecrated on March 4, 1864 by Bishop Hilarion of Lovech. In the register kept in the Historical Museum-Botevgrad, it is written that the masters of the building are Ivan and Hristo from Praveshko, and the founders are Todor Tomov and Petko Dikov, judging by the donor inscription above the entrance. In terms of construction, it is a single-nave single-apse building of the basilica, elongated in the east-west direction, with an entrance from the west and a separate bell tower in the churchyard. On the facade and attic there are stone sculptures of mythical creatures in direct context with the patron saint of the church. The roof is gabled, filled with stone slabs. The original iconostasis was destroyed in 1926 and replaced with a new one. During the examination of the icons in 1964, it was clarified that they were all made in 1856 and were the work of a master - icon painter Georgi Hristov from the town of Samokov. Declared a cultural monument of artistic significance of local significance in 1978.