The church is located in the town of Botevgrad and is one of the excellent gems of modern religious construction. It was built in the period from 2005 to 2007, according to the project of the architect Daniel Arbov. It is in line with the valid Orthodox canon and regulatory requirements for the construction of temples in Bulgaria. The temple has a built-up area of ​​about 350 square meters, and the interior of the temple can accommodate over 200 people.             The church building is characterized by elegance and austere appearance. It consists of three interconnected parts: the narthex, the nave and the altar. The main entrance is oriented from the west. It is surrounded by an arcade, which ends with a pediment depicting the Virgin Mary with her arms raised. The composition of the front door was made by a special project of prof. Dimitra Zaimova. At about 20 m. the narthex is on one level and is closed. There is a candle shop with a shop of icons and church books and an analogy for lighting candles.            

After the narthex, you enter the central part, ie the ship. Architecturally, this part is protected and creates a sense of security. This is the second level which is accessible only to the choristers, and the chairman of the temple has an internal balcony. A separate staircase leads to the bell tower, where three bells weighing 130, 90 and 60 kg are placed on the modern sculpted body of the temple. They are made in Greece.            
The real part of the church is of a mixed type between the cross of the dome and the basilica. The dome that symbolizes the sky rests on a drum, stepped on 4 pendants. The Almighty is painted on the dome. A central chandelier with one hundred and two illuminated lamps descends from it.                                             
In the dome and vaulted spaces of the church, a creative team of artists led by Vladimir Avramov painted the entire being-universe, man and the history of His salvation. Along the two long walls are wooden chairs for sitting during worship. The bishop's throne is on the pedestal to the left in the direction of the altar. The floor of the church is covered with beautiful, colored marble. The altar space is built in the shape of a semicircular apse. To the left is proscomedy, in its apse.     
  In the center of the altar is the holy throne. The relics of Saint Polycarp of Smyrna are installed in a special niche.      
The master of the iconostasis is Matej Pavlov. The iconostasis is made with a deep, up-to-date woodcut. The installation of the Virgin Mary is obligatory on the royal gates. Its highest part ends with a cross, on which are placed 150 red decorative pieces of Czech crystal.